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    Pricing is displayed in Pounds, however, if you want to change to a different currency, for example: Euros, there is a currency changer drop down option on the main navigation. 

    PAYMENTS (very important, please read) 

    Since we are still a US based company, when you reach the "Checkout" page the currency will change to US Dollars. All payments are still processed in US Dollars. Do not be alarmed by this. It does not mean that you accidentally stumbled on to the US website. Your order will still ship from the UK and all the information provided above about not having to pay import fees or VAT taxes still applies.

    This is something that over time we will have the ability to change, but for now, all payments have to still be processed in US dollars.

    Currency conversions are based on the latest figures and change slightly over time.  



    This is a completely different website than the US site. However, you can use your existing account login, you just need to reset your password first so you can activate your account. 

    If you have Reward Points from the US website, that you would like to have transferred to the new UK website rewards program, contact us directly so we can do that for you: info@loversarelunatics.com. 



    We are so excited to finally have this website become a reality. We thank you so much for your support!


    Jeff Henry & Jacoby Shaddix
    Lovers Are Lunatics

    Lovers Are Lunatics creates original, rock and roll inspired, men's and women's clothing and accessories. Created by Jacoby Shaddix, lead singer of Papa Roach, and graphic artist, Jeff Henry.

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